Saudi-led raid forces 1000s out of Yemeni port of Hodeida


The Saudi-led assault on the Yemeni port city of Hodeida has led to mass displacement of people from the strategic area.

“Such an offensive against a city with over 600,000 inhabitants is a gross violation of international law. Yemeni officials say unless a lasting and peaceful settlement is reached, people here will fight until they die honorably,” Hodeida’s Deputy Governor Abdul-Rahman al-Jomai told media.

Ahmad al-Wisabi, whose family has been forced to leave, said, “The Saudi offensive against our city and possible street battles have forced me to leave my home, and move my family to Sana’a. I do not know how I can manage there as I have already lost my source of income here. But I do not have any other choice.”

On Friday, Yemenis took to the streets in Hodeida to vent their anger against the Saudi aggression and condemn Riyadh and its allies for bombing residential areas and killing civilians.

Amnesty International says Saudi Arabian-backed militants could be committing war crimes in Yemen by interfering with the flow of humanitarian supplies into the impoverished country.



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