Afghans sorry to see end of three-day ceasefire


For the vast majority of Afghans, who have lived through 17 years of war, the past three days have been a welcome respite from the never ending conflict. 

However, Afghans are concerned that the Taliban terrorist group will resume the conflict on Monday, as Eid-al-Fitr comes to an end. 

After government announced an eight-day ceasefire, Taliban terrorist group last week responded by calling for a three-day truce over Eid. 

The ceasefire these past three days has been adhered to by both sides. 

However, some religious scholars have said the resumption of the war in the country has no justification and that the only solution to the ongoing conflict is dialogue. 

Meanwhile, the temporary ceasefire was widely welcomed in Afghanistan and on an international level. The UN, European Union (EU) and the US have all called on the Taliban and the Afghan government to extend the truce. 

The three-day ceasefire also saw hundreds of Taliban terrorist group descend on cities, towns and villages, where they celebrated Eid alongside security forces and members of the public.


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