Iraqi Nat’l Mushaf to be unveiled



A plan for writing a national manuscript (Mus'haf) of the Holy Quran in Iraq was implemented by the National Center of the Holy Quran Sciences affiliated to Iraqi Shias’ Awqaf (endowments) Office.

Rafi’ Al-Ameri, director of the center who is a top Iraqi Quran reciter, told media that the project took 8 years to complete.

Hadi Daraji, eminent Iraqi calligrapher, wrote the Quranic verses in cooperation with a group of experts who supervised, edited and supported the project.

The group included Bassam Bananeh, Fakhir Jabr Matar, Abdulreza Bahiyah, Rafi’ Al-Ameri and Ammar Maskouki, deputy of the center, he noted.

He added that the Quran manuscript was granted to Seyyid Ala Mousawi, head of the office. 

The precious Quran copy will be unveiled in a ceremony after the holy month of Ramadan, the official went on to say.


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