Eight killed as bombing targets gathering of Muslim clerics in Afghan capital


At least eight people have been killed in the Afghan capital, Kabul, after a bomber detonated his explosive device close to a compound, where senior Muslim clerics were meeting on ways to end violence and promote peace in the war-torn country.

The bombing occurred at the entrance of the compound near a residential area in the west of Kabul as the participants were leaving the meeting on Monday, said police chief Ghafor Aziz.

According to local media, around 3,000 clerics were attending the meeting of the Ulema Council, Afghanistan’s top religious leaders.

The attack came shortly after the council issued a statement at the end of the event, declaring that “suicide attacks” are forbidden under Islamic law.

During the meeting, Ghofranullah Murad, a member of the council, read out the statement, which appealed on both the government and local Taliban militants to stop years of fighting.

For the first time, the council, which includes Muslim clerics, scholars and men of authority in religion and law from across the country, called on both sides to start peace negotiations and agree on a ceasefire.


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