Hazara Shia killings tantamount to genocide, says Chief Justice


 A report on Shia Hazara killings was submitted in a Pakistani court by Quetta Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Abdur Razzaq Cheema on the CJP's orders.

 According to the report, 399 Shia Muslims and 29 settlers from the Shia Hazara community have been killed in targeted attacks during the past six years.

In the past four months, nine people from the Shia Hazara community have been murdered, the report stated. It added that 28 security officials have been killed so far in 2018. However, the situation has improved a lot now, Cheema claimed.

Advocate Iftikhar Ali, who was representing the Shia Hazara community, lamented that targeted killings of the ethnic minority have been going on for 20 years, yet not a single arrest has been made.

“Our lives and property are being endangered," he said. "Our people had to leave for Australia [to escape the situation]."

Ali also said that the police had withdrawn security from their community elders as well. The accusation was denied by Cheema.


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