Taliban seize district center in Afghanistan’s Kunduz, attack army base in Helmand



The Taliban militant group has seized a district center in Afghanistan’s northern province of Kunduz and launched a bomb attack on an army base in the southern province of Helmand, killing at least six people, officials say.

According to Sayyed Assadullah Sadat, a provincial council member in Kunduz, the militants captured the governor’s house and took control of the police headquarters in Aq Tapa in Qala-e Zal district of the volatile province on Saturday.

He added that Afghan government troops had already engaged in fierce battle with the occupying militants to drive them out.  

Meanwhile, Taliban claimed in a statement that their militants had also seized control of 10 security check posts and a market in Qala-e Zal, north of Kunduz city.

At the other end of the country, in Helmand, Taliban militants drove an explosives-laden vehicle into a military base in Nad Ali district, the blast of which killed at least four civilians and a soldier, said a statement released by the provincial governor’s office on Saturday.


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