Pakistani mosque’s Quran Gallery opens to public


A new gallery featuring some rare handwritten copies of Holy Quran as well as rare collection of Ahadith and books on Fiqh has been opened to general public at Bahria Town’s Grand Jamia Masjid in Pakistan.

The display is unique as it showcases more than 50 handwritten copies of Holy Quran, with some estimated to be 300 to 700 years ago. In the gallery, dozens of original images of Holy Kaaba, Masjid-e-Nabvi and other holy places captured in early 1900s have also been put on display.

A copy of handwritten Holy Quran on canvas by calligrapher Muhammad Ayub of Agra, India, is another hallmark of Grand Jamia Masjid’s Quran Gallery. Started in the year 1161 (Hijri year), it took four years to write the beautiful copy.

The one of its kind in Pakistan, the gallery also features handwritten translated copies of Holy Quran in Persian language. The unique copies of Holy Quran show various styles of Arabic calligraphy and scripts.


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