Saudi Arabia's 'humanitarian aid plan' for Yemen ‘tighten the blockade and monopolise access to aid’


Presented as a great humanitarian effort, the Saudi-led coalition's new aid plan for Yemen essentially aims to tighten the blockade and monopolise access to aid in the hands of the aggressors.

On 22 January, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen unveiled a new plan to allegedly deliver "unprecedented relief to the people of Yemen".

Dan Glazebrook, a political writer and journalist, says “This plan is nothing less than a systematisation of the starvation politics of which the Saudis were accused by the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen in relation to their closure of Hodeidah and Saleef in November.”

The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations (YCHO) is a new so-called "aid" programme with the ostensible the alleged aim of "addressing immediate aid shortfalls while simultaneously building capacity for long-term improvement of humanitarian aid and commercial goods imports to Yemen".


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