Kabul terrorist attack’s death toll raises


The death toll in a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan climbed to 95 Saturday, with 158 wounded, according to Wahidullah Majroh, a spokesman for the Afghan Public Health Ministry. 

The bombing is the deadliest insurgent attack in Afghanistan so far this year. It came just a week after Taliban militants killed 22 at an international hotel in Kabul.

The attacker used an ambulance to get through a security checkpoint, telling police he was taking a patient to a nearby hospital, said Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesperson for the Interior Ministry. The attacker then detonated his explosives at a second check point, Rahimi said.

The blast was so powerful it shook buildings miles away and caused extensive damage to nearby buildings and shops, CBS News' Ahmad Mukhtar reports. 

Witnesses said the area, which is home to Kabul's police headquarters and foreign embassies, was crowded with people when the attack took place, according to the BBC.



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