Foua and Kefriya are experiencing tragic situations, aid has not entered for 10 months


A local source confirmed that no aid had been provided to the Shia towns of Foua and Kefriya in northern Edlib for 10 months.

The source told Shiawaves that for the past 10 months, no humanitarian assistance had been provided, pointing out that the people there suffer from the lack of food materials amid a siege imposed by the terrorist groups stationed in the neighboring towns.

The source pointed out that there is a huge shortage of water and medicine and a shortage of medical staff, stressing that many cases need to be treated outside the two besieged towns.

Kafriya and al-Foua are suffering from a siege since the end of March 2015, depending on what can be entered from humanitarian convoys on the one hand and what is brought down through the Syrian air force on the other hand.


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