“No complaint against Taliban”, says governor of Sindh


Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair has said “they have no complaint to Taliban but they simply object to their modus operandi”. 

The statement of the Governor aired on Channel 24 has stunned Pakistani nation because the Taliban was banned for its terrorism and this notorious Deobandi takfiri outfit has claimed several terrorist attacks including the Army Public School massacre of children, and the constant Shia targeting.

His statement came on Monday, a day after nation commemorated the third anniversary of Taliban attack on Army Public School killing more than 100 schoolchildren on December 16, 2014. His statement was issued on the day when the terrorists attacked a Methodist Church in Quetta. 

It is unfortunate that the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-NM) government at the Centre, in Punjab and its representative in Sindh (i.e. Governor) have always tried to cover up or play down the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by Taliban terrorists.



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