Saudi blockade of Yemen cuts fuel lifeline as Riyadh tightens siege


Saudi Arabia has prevented fuel shipments from reaching Yemen's key port of Hudaydah for a month, tightening a blockade on the impoverished country in defiance of international calls to put an end to the siege, a report says.

A Reuters analysis of port and ship tracking data showed that oil tankers have turned away from Hudaydah, without unloading.

The United Nation's body tasked with inspecting ships seeking to enter the area said on Wednesday that the Saudi-led coalition have denied tankers permission to enter the Red Sea port despite its approval, "and repeated attempts by the vessels to proceed."

A spokesperson for the UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen (UNVIM) said the coalition has turned away up to 12 tankers in recent weeks, adding, "UNVIM is unable to say when the coalition will allow fuel tankers to enter Yemen’s Red Sea ports' anchorage areas."

Hudaydah records showed that at least six oil tankers were ordered to leave the port before unloading last month.


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