Saudi airstrikes kill 6 children, 3 women in Yemen’s Jawf Province


At least eight children and three women have been killed after Saudi fighter jets targeted a residential area in Yemen's northern province of Jawf as the Riyadh presses ahead with its ruthless bombardment of its southern neighbor.

The tragic incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, when Saudi warplanes targeted a house in Hijeh neighborhood of al-Maslub district, Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported, adding that the children and women belonged to a single family.

The aerial aggression came just two days after Saudi war machine killed some 17 people after it struck a commercial neighborhood in northwestern province of Hajjah. 

Earlier on Friday, six other civilians were killed and eight others wounded when a Saudi airstrike targeted a bus carrying passengers along a road in the western coastal province of al-Hudaydah.


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