Karbala reveals the participation of nearly 20 million pilgrims in the revival of Arbaeen Pilgrimage and confirms that the city is still packed with pilgrims


The head of Holy Karbala's council, Nseief al-Khattabi, said that the number of pilgrims after the Pilgrimage of Arbaeen reached about 20 million, noting that the holy city is still crowded. 

Al-Khattabi told Shiawaves that the total number of pilgrims after the Pilgrimage of Arbaeen amounted to about 20 million pilgrims according to the methods of counting the arrivals in the province.

Al-Khattabi explained that the statistics issued by the custodian of al-Abbas holy shrine, Sayyid Ahmed Al-Safi, which is about 14 million pilgrims, were recorded with high accuracy cameras, but at specific times from the seventh of the month of Safar to the twentieth of it, stressing that the pilgrimage continued until the night of 22ed of Safar, As well as the lack of high accuracy of cameras during the night, in addition to that, cameras were not installed in some roads such as the road of Ayn al-Tamer and others.

From his part, Aqil al-Yasiri, deputy of the Department of intellectual and cultural affairs at al-Abbas Holy Shrine, said that the announced number of pilgrims, on Friday, did not include all the anterances of holy Karbala, and it was only in the surveillance cameras of al-Abbas holy shrine, adding that the number did not include pilgrims from Holy Karbala nor Husseini foundations for rituals and services, whom reached more than 12 thousand foundation.



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