Saudi used US-made bomb in August airstrike on Sana'a: Amnesty


Amnesty International says a bomb used by the Saudi regime in a fatal airstrike on an apartment building in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, in August was made in the United States.

The strike on August 25 destroyed the building and left 16 civilians dead and 17 others injured, including a five-year-old girl called Buthaina al-Rimi, who was orphaned after her parents and five siblings as well as her uncle were killed. Her photograph went viral afterward, drawing sympathy.

After an examination of the remnants of the weapon used in the aerial attack, Amnesty found that the bomb had been made in the US.

“We can now conclusively say that the bomb that killed Buthaina’s parents and siblings, and other civilians, was made in the USA,” Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East research director, said on Friday.

The so-called coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen admitted conducting the air raid, blaming civilian deaths on a “technical error.” The UK-based rights body described as shameful the continued military support provided by the United States and Britain for the Saudi campaign “instead of holding the coalition accountable for their actions in Yemen.”


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