More than 800 Shia pilgrims had to stay at Taftan border for a week


Over 800 Shia pilgrims have been stuck at Taftan border town for the last seven days because the administration is not allowing them to travel to Quetta on their return from pilgrimage.

Some day ago, Commissioner Quetta Amjad Ali had opened Pakistan House new building at the border town of Taftan where he assured that pilgrims that he would ensure security convoy for their safe travelling when 700 pilgrims gathered there. The promise made by Commissioner has not been honoured despite the fact that now more than 800 pilgrims have gathered at Taftan border. 

The pilgrims have also included children, women and elderly people. They all are demanding their immediate departure to Quetta. They warned that they would begin travelling to Quetta on their own if the administration failed to provide them security cover. They said that they want to observe Moharram in their native areas and not in Taftan.


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