Bahraini forces assaults on Ashura manifestationsBahraini forces assaults on Ashura manifestations


As in the recent years, the Bahraini regime troops again carried out a series of assaults on Ashura manifestations in the residential neighborhoods, confiscating flags and removing all the items used to revive the religious occasion.

The repressive Bahraini regime launched campaign today on Sunday targeting religious manifestations of Muharram mourning ceremonies commemorated annually by Shiite Muslims who constitute a majority in the Persian Gulf monarchy. 

Security forces removed banners and flags that have Muharram religious slogans in the Sitra and Nuwaidrat areas. 

Since 2011, Bahraini authorities have been following a strict security approach against the Shiite Muslims in the country. Multiple incidents of assault and vandalism by the ministry's forces have taken place against Ashura manifestations.


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