Afghan protesters angry with insulting leaflets dropped by US jets


Hundreds of Afghans have staged a protest in a district near the capital Kabul to express anger at propaganda leaflets dropped by American jets last week that were deemed offensive to Islam.

The demonstrators denounced the move and chanted anti-US slogans at the rally, which was held in Qarabagh district near Bagram air base on Tuesday.

"The Americans have insulted Muslims through this action and their beliefs and we will not sit quietly by," said Mir Rahman, a protester. "If the Americans and NATO continue to insult Islam, they will face the same fate that the Russians faced in Afghanistan."

Mehrabuddin, who like many Afghans, said, "Apologies on their own will never cure any wound."

"If the Americans repeat such an insult in future, we will keep up our demonstrations and, if needed, attack Bagram base."

The leaflets, which were supposed to encourage people in the fight against the Taliban militants, had images depicting dogs carrying a flag of the militant group, which contains religious verses.


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