Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender to Iraqi forces in the desert after fleeing key town of Tal Afar amid intense fighting


Footage from the front-line in Iraq could show ISIS militants surrendering to the country's armed forces following days of intense fighting in Ninieveh province. 

The video circulating on social media purports to show suspected jihadis kneeling outside a desert town, which could be al-Ayadieh, patrolled by Iraqi peshmerga troops.

ISIS fighters fled to al-Ayadieh after the key town of Tal Afar, one of its final strongholds in the country, fell last week.

Today, Iraqi military officials announced they had recaptured the eastern half of al-Ayadieh from the extremists. 

Separately, The Iraqi Air Force has killed at least 94 Daesh terrorists during extensive operations carried out in the western Anbar province.


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