ISWF condemns massacre that took place in Shia areas of Afghanistan



Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation condemned the massacre of the Afghan Shias, stressing the rapid moves to release dozens of children, women and elderly who were captured by terrorists.


"With a tearful eye, the Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation saw the painful plight of the Shia Muslims of the Mirza Oulang district in the northern state of Sari-Pul after the brutal Tkfir groups raided their town, leaving scores of dead," the organization said in a statement.


The statement stressed that Imam al-Shirazi Foundation counts those who were killed by these terrorist groups as martyrs of God Almighty praying to Him to save the followers of Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, as they are facing the fiercest types of terrorism in modern times.


The organization also calls on the international community and the Afghan government in particular to respond to the suffering of its citizens from the terror of Takfiris, stressing the rapid movement to release dozens of children, women and elderly who have fallen into captivity in the hands of terrorists.


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