Historical Shia city under siege by Saudi regime, several killed


The Saudi forces have for the past one week laid siege on the Shia Muslim majority city of Awamiyah killing several civilians including a child.

Saudi forces started their brutal attack on Awamiyah on May 10, using helicopter gunships and heavy weapons. The Saudi regime says the aim of the raid is to allow ‘renovation’ of the historic Al-Mosara neighborhood to make way for a new project.

The brutal regime’s security forces have so far killed at least four Shia civilians in the region including a child while many more have been injured. Reports indicate the regime forces shot dead the child while he was moving with his family near Awamiyah. The child’s mother was also critically injured in the attack. 

Awamiyah, a town of 30,000 in the Shia-majority Qatif district in the Eastern Saudi province, was the home of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a high ranking Shia scholar who was unjustly hanged in January last year for demanding the legitimate rights of the region’s residents.


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