Thousands of Saudi Shias bury victims of IS gun attack


Thousands of people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province have held a funeral ceremony for the victims of recent terrorist attacks on two mosques, denouncing the endless targeting of members of the Shia community in the kingdom.

The funeral in the town of Saihat near Dhahran saw angry mourners burying two of the five victims who were martyred in the October 16 attacks targeting people gathering to commemorate Muharram ceremonies.

Eight others were wounded in the incident which was claimed by the IS Takfiri terrorist group.

An angry mood dominated the ceremony as mourners slammed the Saudi regime for its failure to guarantee security for people in the region.

Saudi Shias have long lamented discrimination against members of them in the kingdom, while they have been the target of a new wave of attacks by IS terrorists. It is the fourth time in a year that Shias in Saudi Arabia have gathered to hold a funeral for the victims of bombings and shootings.



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