Bahraini authorities steps up crackdown ahead of landmark Shia event

Bahrain authorities ramped up its repressive measures ahead of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar of Muharram, the tenth day of which is known as Ashura that marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, the third Shia Imam.

Over 250,000 Afghans displaced by conflicts in 2017

More than 250,000 Afghans have been displaced so far this year by conflicts and prolonged insurgency, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Tuesday.

Nine civilians dead as Saudi warplanes bomb NW Yemen

At least nine civilians have been killed when Saudi military aircraft carried out an airstrike against a residential area in Yemen as the Saudi regime presses ahead with an atrocious military campaign against its crisis-hit southern neighbor.

Syrian forces recapture five towns from Daesh in Homs province

Syrian government troops, backed by fighters from allied popular defense groups, have taken back more areas from Daesh terrorists in the country’s central province of Homs, a day after the Russian military announced that government troops were in control of 85 percent of the whole Syrian territory.

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