Floor of al-Abbas Holy Shrine covered with art piece

An art piece designed with rare alabaster was laid on the floor of the Holy Shrine of al-Abbas, peace be upon him, in a record time on an area of 1000 square meters divided equally between men and women.

Ongoing works in al-Rasool al-Atham Courtyard

In cooperation with Iraqi Holy Shrines’ Renovation and Construction Committee, the engineering and technical staffs in Imam Ali Holy Shrine are continuing their works to complete al-Rasool al-Atham Courtyard.

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine offers free health services to orphans

Imam Hussain Medical Complex, affiliated with the Imam al-Redha Charitable Foundation, launched an initiative to provide medical services to orphans in Sayyida Ruqayya Kindergarten, belonging to Imam Hussain Holy Shrine in Karbala. 

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