Pakistani pilgrim donates her jewelries to PMU martyrs' families

A Pakistani woman pilgrim has visited the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine where she took off and donated all of her golden jewelries to the families of the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) who have been killed during the war against ISIS in Iraq.

Cultural week festival to be held in Lebanon

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine is preparing to hold a cultural week festival in Nabatieh City – which is located on the Lebanese-Palestinian borders – on September 2017.

Reviving catastrophic remembrance of Baqee

The catastrophic remembrance of the destruction of the holy shrines of Baqeehas been revived across the world amid an atmosphere of sadness over crimes committed by the Wahhabi takfiris.

Orthodox Archbishop visits Holy Karbala

The Orthodox Armenian Archbishop in Iraq Father Kiburk Arshikan visited the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in support of social harmony, love, and peaceful co-existence of the Iraqi people.

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