Crowds of pilgrims have begun to reach the shrine of al-Jawadian

 The holy city of Kadhimiya witnessed the influx of large numbers of pilgrims who came to be honoured with the visit of Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim and Muhammad ibn Ali al-Jawad, peace be upon them, and to declare their adherence to their true principles which ignited the souls with endless pain by commemorating the martyrdom of the Hashemits monk.

Shia world celebrate Imam al-Jawad birth anniversary

 Holy shrines in Iraq, Syria, and Iran in addition to mosques, Husseiniyahs, and Islamic Centers in Islamic and non-Islamic countries are celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Jawad, peace be upon him.

Samarra ready to host pilgrims on martyrdom anniversary of 10th Imam

The city of Samarra in Iraq prepares to host Shia pilgrims visiting the city to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali al-Hadi, peace be upon him. Samarra is home to al-Askari Holy Shrine, containing the mausoleums of Imam Hadi and Imam Askari, peace be upon them, the tenth and eleventh Shia Imams, respectively. The holy shrine is getting dressed in black as preparations to an atmosphere of sadness and grief. Wednesday, the 3ed day in the lunar Hijri month of Rajab, marks the martyrdom anniversary of the 10th Imam, peace be upon him. Like every year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected to visit the city this year to mourn the sad occasion.

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