Lifting Holy Kaaba dress prior to Hajj season


Those in charge of the Sacred House of God raise the lower part of the clothing of the Holy Kaaba 3 meters in the middle of the month of Dhul Qi'dah with the approach of the Hajj season, and this is usually repeated annually.

They also raise the curtain of the Kaaba to keep it and the integrity of the clothing, and prevent tampering with it while receiving large numbers of pilgrims annually, as many seek to touch the clothing of the Kaaba or cling to its ends, which exposes the clothing to harm.

The lining of the white Kaaba appears to the pilgrims and pilgrims, while the situation is returned to normal after the end of the season.

The Hajj season this year will be held by pilgrims from inside, and less than 65 years old, and who do not suffer from any chronic diseases, to protect Muslims in light of the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Pilgrims will undergo corona examinations prior to the obligatory prayers, and after the pilgrimage they will adhere to a local quarantine for 14 days.

The pilgrims will also be subjected to Corona tests, and they will be followed up during the rites.

Social measures will be implemented during the pilgrimage, and avoiding large crowds, according to previous statements by the Saudi Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah.




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