New inner dome of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to open on the first of Muharram

The Maintenance Department in the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain announced the opening date of the holy inner dome of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, to be this upcoming Muharram, where the completion rates have reached more than 90%.

The head of the department, Hajj Karim al-Anbari, said that "The next phase will include laying the Karbalaey tiles that include special Islamic and religious decoration,” nothing that the materials used are in accordance with international standards. 

Al-Anbari added, "The mirror work is in its final stages. The total area of the mirror work is 700 square meters and specialized engineers have been hired to make the designs."

The final mirror work of the inner dome will be a painting beyond any description, and will be unique at the level of all shrines in the world.


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