Imam Hussein Holy Shrine will open extra spaces for more pilgrims


The Department of Engineering of the Imam Hussein Shrine will soon connect the new basement, that’s being built now, with Ha’ir Basement, and connect ErRe’s EshShereef Basement with the Zainebian Mound Sanctuary.

Project supervising engineer Selam Se’doon said, “This project will add an area of over 5,000 square meters, extending from the Zainebain Mound Sanctuary to Sedreh St., and another area of over 6,000 square meters, extending from the Zainebian Mound Sanctuary to ErReja’ Gate of the Imam Hussain Shrine.”

Se’doon added that the project will begin after achieving the first phase of the current project of the new basement, which is determined to be completed before the 15th of Sha’ban month A.H.


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