Iraq’s Kufa to host students Quran contest


The 6th edition of national competition on Quran memorization and recitation for university students in Iraq will be held at Kufa Mosque in the southern city of Kufa.

According to Qaaf news agency, Seyyed Mohammad Majid Mousawi, custodian of the mosque, discussed the organization of the national event in a meeting with Sheikh Hadi Zanjil, head of the religious affairs section of the mosque and Seyyed Adil Al-Yasiri, head of its Dar-ol-Quran Center.

Mousawi stressed the need for boosting cooperation with Dar-ol-Quran centers affiliated to the holy shrines in the country and added that invitation letters should be sent to Quran experts, Quranic institutes and associations in different provinces of the country in preparation for the contest.

The national Quran competition for Iraqi university students is held in February every year.

Students from more than 40 universities of Iraq participated at the fifth edition of the competition on February 9 and 10, 2018.



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