French-Iraqi project to archive Iraqi manuscripts digitally



A delegation from the University of Paris has visited Imam Hussein Center for Manuscript Restoration, affiliated with the Imam Hussein Shrine, to carry out a project to archive and retain the Iraqi manuscripts digitally.

Munaf al-Temeemi, director of the center, said, “The delegation’s visit aims to initiate a collaboration between the University of Paris and Imam Hussein Center to cross-fertilize ideas and exchange expertise by conducting training workshops.”

French researcher Teabou Leval said, “The visit is about initiating a project between the University of Paris, Iraqi universities, and Imam Hussein Center to study the methods of maintaining the Islamic manuscripts .”

He added that they will create a website in Paris to connect all the Iraqi manuscript centers, share the Iraqi manuscripts with the world, and officially archive them.

Leval said further, “It is interesting to find a manuscript restoration center, in Kerbela, equipped with modern technologies, following the world’s modern scientific methods of restoring and maintaining manuscripts.


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