Imam Ali Holy Shrine participates in the Second Shia-Catholic Forum



The Heritage Revival and Investigation Division at the Imam Ali Holy Shrine participated in the Second Shia-Catholic Forum, which was organized by the Al-Balaghi Academy in cooperation with the Imam al-Khoei Library.

The Forum, held from 18 to 19 December at the Imam Khoei Public Library, was attended by Dominican monks from France, Brazil, Germany and Egypt. The interfaith event dealt with scientific and academic researches on the cultural interaction between Shias and Catholics.

The participation of the Holy Shrine was represented by a descriptive research on the Encyclopedia of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ibn Al-Ataiqi, presented and discussed by Sheikh Waddah Al-Dhalimi, an official in the Revival Heritage Division.

"The forum included three topics in which several researches were presented by grand scholars from Hawza (religious scientific seminary) and professors from the University of Kufa. The first and the second sessions discussed the history of the Imams in the Christian heritage," Sheikh Muhanad al-Iqabi - head of the aforementioned division - stated in a press statement to the Media Center of the Holy Shrine.

 Al-Iqabi added that the third session was held at the Imam al-Khoei library on the indexing of modern manuscripts and information technology by Father Rene Vincent - director of the Institute of Oriental Studies in Cairo.

Moreover, the session discussed the methods of textual analysis discussed by Sheikh Waddah Al-Dhalimi and Mr. Ahmed Majeed.


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