A Scottish pilgrim: Imam Reza has a significant place in my life



“Imam Reza, peace be upon him, has a significant place in my life, and his pilgrimage,” a Scottish pilgrim said. 

During the pilgrimage days particular to the compassionate Imam, Mashhad is teeming with pilgrims attending this sacred place from across Iran for the sake of expressing devotion and among them are those who see the golden dome of the Eighth Imam, peace be upon him, as one of their long-term wishes and they are willing to travel long distances to reach the Razavi Holy Shrine. 

Fatima Alin, a Scottish lady, who traveled to Mashhad for the first time is one of those enthusiasts who said that her feelings of presence of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him, has a significant place in her life and she was able to establish a great inner connection with him during this visit.” 

“The beauty of this place and my spiritual state is indescribable; the beauty and spirituality were at their peak, and certainly the best experience I had from traveling to Iran was here for me” she described her feelings about the pilgrimage. 

“The splendor of the Shrine attracts every human being with every religion and manner; this place does not only belong to the Iranian people but all Muslims, and all Shi’ites love this Imam,” Alin added.



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