New details on Lady Fatima al-Zahra Sanctuary and its look after completion


 Within the expansion project of the Imam Ali Shrine, Fatima al-Zahra’, peace be upon her,  Sanctuary being built next to the Imam Ali Shrine is the largest sub-project so far. It is 61,000 square meters, which is four times the size of the Imam Ali Shrine.

This Sanctuary will have 4 floors, where pilgrims pray and practice their pilgrimage rituals, and gardens that add another tough to the Sanctuary's beauty.

The sanctuary is located to the west of the Imam Ali Shrine, facing the area between Sa-fey Sefa Shrine and Imam Zainul-Abedeen Sanctuary.

Several large buildings will be built inside the sanctuary, such as Imam Ali Museum, a modern library with a million-book capacity, a safe, a manuscript care center, a dining hall, rooms for students of religious studies, a place for praying and pilgrimage rituals that forms 50% of the whole project, and multi-purpose facilities.


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