Imam Redha Holy Shrine hosts 12000 non-Iranian pilgrims every day



Head of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office of Imam Redha Holy Shrine stated, “the Holy Shrine hosts twelve thousand non-Iranian pilgrims every day during Karamat Ten Day Celebrations”. 

Hossein Gholampour said, “Imam Redha Holy Shrine hosts, every year during Karamat Ten Days, thousands of non-Iranian pilgrims from different parts of the world who have come to enjoy spiritual atmosphere of these days and also to participate in Radhawi celebrations”. 

Noting that eighty percent of these pilgrims are from Arabic countries, he stated, “Most of these pilgrims are form Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Syria, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and they enjoy this office’s programs in Ghadir Portico and Courtyard. Programs of the office include specialized and academic gatherings, cultural contests, eulogies, celebrations, poem readings, supplication recitations, and lectures”. 

Gholampour added, “twenty percent of the pilgrims are Urdu and Azeri speaking visitors, non-Iranian Farsi speaking pilgrims, and non-Muslim tourists for whom many various programs have been arranged during these days”. 

Head of the Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office of Imam Redha Holy Shrine added, “We also host over 11000 Muslim and non-Muslim tourists during the year”. He also said, “According to these visitors’ admission, Imam Redha Holy Shrine is a collection of architectural arts, Islamic Iranian culture, and presence of many various nationalities”.


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