Rehabilitating floors of Sayeda Zeinab’s holy shrine begins


The engineering and technical staffs of Sayeda Zeinab's, peace be upon her, holy shrine in Syria, have begun to rehabilitate the floors of the holy sanctuary.

A correspondent for Shiawaves in Syria said that the tiling works include all the parts of the holy sanctuary, noting that the engineering and technical staffs continue to work to tile the floors with marble despite the difficulties faced.

He added that the rehabilitation of the floors of the holy shrine came after the completion of the first phase, which included the maintenance of the walls after the great damage caused by the war with terrorist organizations, and maintenance of sewage and sanitation network, in addition to the maintenance of lamps and chandeliers deployed in the corridors of the tomb clean.

The Sayeda Zeinab's, peace be upon her, holy shrine has not undergone restoration and maintenance work for several years, but the stability of the security situation significantly helped to start the maintenance and restoration of the various parts of the shrine.



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