Expansion projects underway for ideal atmosphere for pilgrims


Due to the constantly increasing number of visitors of the Holy City of Kerbela, Imam Hussain Shrine has begun to set up projects to expand the shrine to make more space and reduce visitors' traffic during major pilgrimages.

Selam Sa’doon – an engineer at Erdhul-quds Company – said, “Building basements is a strategic step to make more space for the visitors and pilgrims, and basements do not cost the Imam Hussain Shrine a lot to build, for they are built right under the shrine, and there is no need to buy properties to build them.”

So far, the Imam Hussain Shrine has achieved two basements, each holds approximately 1000 pilgrims.

Erra’s Basement is a new project being achieved. It is 850 square meters, which holds approximately 1000 pilgrims. It will be equipped with the best devices and furniture to offer pilgrims the best atmosphere possible.


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