Crowds of pilgrims have begun to reach the shrine of al-Jawadian


 The holy city of Kadhimiya witnessed the influx of large numbers of pilgrims who came to be honoured with the visit of Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim and Muhammad ibn Ali al-Jawad, peace be upon them, and to declare their adherence to their true principles which ignited the souls with endless pain by commemorating the martyrdom of the Hashemits monk.

At the same time, the General Secretariat of the holy shrine of al-Jawadain, peace be upon them, continues to intensify its efforts and support its service and administrative plan in order to provide maximum comfort for millions of pilgrims.

In the same context the security plan for the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa bin Jaafar, peace be upon him, which falls next Thursday will be flexible and smooth, the governor of Baghdad, Atwan al-Atwani, said.


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