Iraq's holy shrines to hold Fourth Annual Cultural Week Festival in Islamabad


In cooperation with Imam Ali Holy Shrine, El-Abbas Holy Shrine, and El-Eskereain Holy Shrine, Imam Hussein Holy Shrine is beginning the activities of the Fourth Annual Cultural Week Festival in Islamabad, Pakistan.   

Muslim Segban, head of the delegation, said that all the necessary preparations had been done, and the activities would include holding exhibitions for children by displaying and distributing the publications, such as magazines, books, and leaflets in English, educating them on Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them).   

The festival would have an activity on teaching children the proper performance of prayer and the way of memorizing short units of Quran, added Segban.   The other activities will be the following step that will begin with rising the banners of the holy shrines participating in the festival. 

 The festival, which lasted for four days, was attended by more than 22,000 Pakistani visitors," said the head of the preparatory committee for the festival, Muslim Abbas Sagban..

He added that the ceremony witnesses the distribution of gifts to the participants in addition to holding a lottery to select 20 Pakistani visitors to go to Karbala to visit the holy shrines.


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