20 Countries to Attend Quranic Festival in Iraq


The 6th edition of the “Saeed ibn Jubair” International Quranic Festival in Iraq will be attended by representatives of 20 countries.  

According to Akhbar al-Iraq website, the festival will be held in the Arab country’s Wasit Province in March.

Majid Atabi, a media official in the province, said “the custodianships of Iraq’s holy sites will cooperate in organizing the event.”

He said a competition on memorization and recitation of the Quran and programs to introduce the life and character of Saeed ibn Jubair will be parts of the three-day festival.

Saeed ibn Jubayr (665–714) also known as Abu Muhammad, was originally from Kufa, in modern-day Iraq.  

He is held in the highest esteem by Shia and Sunni scholars and was considered one of the leading jurists of the time.

He was one of the companions of Imam Sajjad (AS) and a Quran memorizer, reciter and interpreter.

Saeed was killed by Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Thaqafi, the wicked and cruel governor of Hijaz at the time.


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