Imam Hussein Shrine holds annual conference on Lady Zaineb


The Religious Information Division at Imam Hussein Shrine has held the annual conference on Lady Zaineb, daughter of Imam Ali, peace be upon them.

Sheikh Fahim El-Ibrahimi, division director, said that the conference is annually held to revive the heritage of Lady Zaineb, peace be upon him, manifesting that in such days, Lady Zaineb had been taken to Yezeed, son of Mu’away, where she courageously exhibited the eloquence and sophistication she had acquired from her father, peace be upon them.

He added that Lady Zaineb, peace be upon her, has been the epitome of courage to the revolutionists.

The conference was concluded with instructions to the preachers on how to commemorate the Arbaeen Pilgrimage, and how to serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.


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