Quranic booths to be set up on path of Arbaeen pilgrims


The Dar-ul-Quran al-Kareem of Imam Ali, peace be upon him,holy shrine in Najaf said it will set up Quranic booths on the path of pilgrims during the annual Arabeen march.

According to the website of the holy shrine, Ala MuhsinKadhim, the deputy of the Dar-ul-Quran, said it has held talks with Iraq’s Union of Quranic Associations, UQA, on locations of Quranic booths.

He said the booths will offer Quranic activities like teaching small Surah of the Quran to the pilgrims and correcting their Quran reading.There will be separate Quranic booths for men and women, he noted.Last year 300 Quranic booths were set up on the path of the pilgrims.


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