Imam Ali Holy Shrine seeks to complete al-Nidaa Power Station


Imam Ali Holy Shrine, in cooperation with Najaf Electricity Directorate, has started the construction of the al-Nidaa Quarter Power Station through the participation of its technical and engineering staff to support the electricity sector in the governorate.

In a press statement to the Media Center, Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, SayyedNizarHashimHabl al-Mateen said, "Imam Ali Holy Shrine seeks to develop appropriate solutions to treat the shortage of electricity. We coordinated with Najaf Electricity Directorate to provide the necessary support for the completion of al-Nidaa Quarter Power Station Project in Al-Nidaa Quarter and involving the technical and engineering staff of Imam Ali Holy Shrine in the project."

He added, "The project suffers from delay of work because of the lack of financial support. There is coordination with the Najaf Electricity Directorate and the project manager is to provide financial support for the project and complete it as soon as possible."



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