Imam Hussein Holy Shrine opens Dar al-Quran Center in Baghdad


The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has opened a new branch of the Dar al-Quran center in a ceremony in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The center launched the branch in line with its efforts to develop Quranic activities.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of prominent Quran reciters, including Iranian reciter Hamid Shakernejad, Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reciter Osama Karbalayi and Kadhimiya Holy Shrine reciter Sayyid Abdul Karim Qassim.

Also present were directors of a number of Quranic institutes in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities as well as local officials and tribal leaders.

Dar al-Quran Center holds various programs aimed at promoting the teachings and values of the Holy Quran through its branches in Iraq as well as other countries such as Iran, Indonesia and Lebanon.


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