Delegation from Burkina Faso pledges to convey the Husseini Message to West Africa


The International Media of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine received a delegation from the Republic of Burkina Faso.
Head of Imam Mahdi Foundation and Supervisor of Ahlulbayt Association in the West African country Issa Tarnagueda stated, “We aspire, in this visit, to open horizons of cooperation with the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in order to disseminate the blessed and peaceful message of Imam Hussein to West Africa.”
Tarnagueda added, “Burkinabes love Imam Hussein and the Shia faith, as it the moderate faith that refutes all sorts of extremism.
From his part, Hassan Jouboury, head of the International Media, said that this visit was in cooperation with the International Media and part of the ‘Revealing Reality Project’ initiated in 2014 to bring scholars and journalists for reflecting the truth of the Iraqi war against terrorism to the world.


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