Samarra Pilgrims numbers increase


 More than a million of the lovers of Ahl al-Bayt are flocking to the holy city of Samarra to visit al-Askaryain Holy Shrine, peace be upon them.

The  leading roads were shut eight kilometers away from the holy shrine because of traffic jam, in addition to security precautions.

General Imad al-Zuhairy, Samarra operations leader, said that the holy city of Samara witnessed the influx of more than a million pilgrims.

Employees of the holy shrine stated that al-Askariyain Holy Shrine hasn’t witnessed such huge crowds of pilgrims in the past several years.

It is worth mentioning that many of these pilgrims are visiting the holy shrines in Samarra, Baghdad, and Najaf then they march the holy shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother al-Abbas, peace be upon them to mark Arbaeen pilgrimage.



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