Holy Najaf-based honorable Hawza holds its 12th missionary conference on Arabeen Pilgrimage

The holy city of Najaf has hosted the 12th missionary conference on the launch of the missionary activities of the massive Arba’een Pilgrimage, amid the presence of scholars, missionaries and Husseini preachers.

The Holy Najaf-based honorable Hawza held the conference, as missionaries from different countries attended and emphasized the pivotal role of the missionary activities to disseminate the principles and values of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

Muthana al-Waeli, a member of the preparatory committee, said that “The honorable Hawza of Holy Najaf has held its 12th missionary conference titled ‘Arabeen Pilgrimage: Most Prominent Manifestations of Supporting Imam Hussein’.”

Al-Waeli stressed that, “The honorable Hawza aims, through its missionary project, to establish missionary centers along the roads leading to Holy Karbala to deliver the instructions of the true religion and the principles of the Imam Hussein’s Revolution.”

Sheikh Raheem al-Hisnawi said that, “The Arba’een Pilgrimage has divine status and carries a moral and divine message to the honorable pilgrims from all over the world.”

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