Egyptian Muslim woman obtains official permit allowing Azan in a New York neighborhood

Egyptian Rana Abdel Hamid succeeded in extracting an official permit allowing the call to prayer over loudspeakers for the first time in the mosques of the Astoria neighborhood, west of Queens, New York City, USA.

Rana and her mother, Mona Al-Baghdadi, were the reason for raising the call to prayer in the streets of Astoria with the entry of the blessed month of Ramadan, during the five daily prayers, clear and audible, as it happens in Arab and Islamic countries, in an influential and unique scene that was documented by social media platforms and circulated with pride and joy.

The young woman and her mother managed two days ago, to obtain official permission to raise the call to prayer through loudspeakers in the mosques of Astoria, and the mother expressed her joy at publishing a picture of Rana displaying the permit paper, and commented, “Praise be to God, praise be to God, dearest Islam and Muslims. After 31 years in America, I wish I could hear the call to prayer in the street.”

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