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Egypt: Minster of Awqaf says sites and mosques of Ahlulbayt witness unprecedented reconstruction campaign

In a statement published by Egyptian media and was seen by Shia Waves Agency, the Egyptian Minister of Awqaf,Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, said: “Egypt has witnessed an unprecedented campaign in the reconstruction and renovation of the blessed mosques in the country, especially the mosques and sites of the Prophet’s Ahlulbayt, peace be upon him”.

Gomaa added, “This campaign of reconstructing mosques and places of worship confirms their religious, cultural, and civilizational role, and the government’s efforts to give these sites their true position both locally and globally, given their significance among the followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.”

Gomaa also pointed out that “the strongest and most courageous people are those capable of making genuine peace, and true peace is one that has a wise power protecting it, and this is the case with our dear Egypt.”

Mosques and sites of Ahlulbayt in Egypt, including the Imam Hussein Mosque, the Mosques of Sayyida Zainab, Sakina, and Nafisa (peace be upon them), have seen unprecedented campaign of development.

The Egyptian government has previously affirmed its commitment to make these blessed mosques a destination for millions of visitors and tourists from around the world, who seek the honor of visiting the sites of Ahlulbayt.

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