A Shia Muslim man embraces martyrdom in Daesh-ASWJ terrorist attack in Quetta

Another Shia Muslim man from Hazara community was martyred and another was injured when Daesh-allied takfiri terrorists of banned ASWJ Ramzan Mengal group opened fire on their vehicle in Quetta’s Kandahari Bazaar area on Sunday, with Daesh website A'amaq posted a news claiming responsibility for this Shia killing.

Adam Center condemns Israeli crimes against Palestinians and criticizes UNSC

The Adam Center for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms strongly condemned the crimes committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians on the anniversary of Land Day, which resulted in the death of at least 16 demonstrators and the wounding of hundreds with bullets and poison gas. 

Iraqi troops kill ISIS slaughterer, nine companions in Anbar

Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) carried out on Sunday an unexpected military operation in Anbar province, managing to kill 10 Daesh\ISIS militants, including a senior leader, who is code-named as the Daesh\ISIS slaughterer, intelligence sources were quoted as saying.

SRW: At a time when homosexuality laws are in force, Shias are persecuted

Shia Rights Watch has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the intellectual and political regression practiced by some political systems in the Middle East countries against Shia Muslims, especially in terms of harassment, confiscation of ideological and human freedoms.

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