Iraqi PM: Daesh ‘state of falsehood’ ends

Iraq’s Prime Minister on Thursday declared an end to the “State of Falsehood” after Iraqi troops captured the wrecked historic mosque of Mosul in which the terrorists declared their self-styled caliphate three years ago.

ISWF congratulates the victory over ISIS

Imam Shirazi World Foundation congratulated the Iraqi people and martyrs’ families for their victory over the so-called Islamic State terrorist group, calling for learning lessons from the previous experiences.

SRW publishes its monthly report

Shia Rights Watch International Organization published its latest monthly report of the anti-Shia movements in June 2017.

Protest against Shia killings in Pakistan continues for 7th day

Members of the Shia community in Pakistan's northwestern city of Parachinar have continued their sit-in protest for the seventh consecutive day after twin terror attacks killed at least 75 people and injured over 300 there on Friday. 

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